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Are you making these billing mistakes?

Learn about the most common billing mistakes attorneys make, and how to fix them with your current billing software!

About the Webinar

As an attorney, you meet with clients, deliver work as promised, and then, eventually, out goes the invoice. Dealing with bills is likely not what made you want to become an attorney, but in order to get paid on time and continue to practice law, you sometimes need to focus on billing just as much as practicing your passion. Otherwise, you may end up making some careless errors that could've been avoided.

You'll Learn How to:

Better track and record your time
Find missing billable time
Get your bills out on time
Get paid more quickly





Myrna Johns is a Tabs3 and PracticeMaster expert and Software Technology’s primary trainer.

A longtime resident of Lincoln, Nebraska, Myrna has been an employee of Software Technology, Inc. since 1994. Myrna was promoted to Sr. Technical Support Representative in 1998, and joined the training team in 2002.

Myrna has held more than 700 training sessions including one-on-one training, classroom training, and web-based training. Myrna has a Degree in Computer Systems Analysis, and is a member of the Lincoln chapter of the Association for Talent Development (formerly the American Society for Training and Development) and the e-learning guild.

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Myrna Johns

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