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See what cloud options are right for your firm.

What does "the cloud" really mean? Are there ways to access your firm's data remotely while keeping your data secure?We'll answer all of these questions and show you the best ways you can manage your firm while you're away from the office. 

From mobile access features to cloud hosting to traditional cloud options, we'll review all the ways you can embrace the advantages of the cloud in a way that fits your firm's needs.

Tabs3 billing, financial, and practice management software is an integrated suite of products using the same design and terminology. Making it easy to use, and easy for back office staff to support their attorneys. 

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What can you do with Tabs3?

Tabs3 Billing


Tabs3 Financials


Get your bills out quickly.
Tabs3 Billing is reliable, award winning software designed for law firms. It makes it easy to get your bills out quickly and manage the business side of your firm. Tabs3 Billing is the standard for legal time and billing software and the best way to make sure you and your staff bill clients on time.
Give  your firm more than outlook.
Outlook alone is not enough to manage your firm’s contacts and calendars. PracticeMaster organizes your firm by combining matter calendaring and scheduling, efficient contact management, comprehensive conflict-of-interest searches, and document management for every area of practice.
The best legal accounting solutions.
Tabs3 Financials are specifically designed to meet the accounting needs of law firms. Our Trust Accounting, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger software work seamlessly with Tabs3 Billing, which means you spend less time on data entry and manually creating reports.
More speed, reliability, and convenience.
Platinum is the recommended edition of Tabs3 billing and practice management software. Platinum provides mobile access, data security, scheduled backups, faster reports and lists, and administrative tools to help your firm collaborate.

If you need mobile access while you're running around town...

We recommend finding a solution that offers mobile access to “essential” features. Tabs3 Connect makes it easy to enter fees, check your calendar, and perform more tasks while you’re away from the office.  When you’re in the office, you still have access to all of the robust features of your on-premise solution.

If you have multiple offices or work from home often...

We recommend using a Hosted Solution. Instead of maintaining programs like Tabs3 on your server, you login to the programs from a secure website that a service like ProCirrus maintains. ProCirrus hosts your entire workstation for you, not just Tabs3, but also Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and all of the products you use every day.

What's your firm's best cloud option?

If you occasionally work away from the office...

We recommend using a VPN. When you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for remote access, you are opening a copy of your computer in the office from another device with an internet connection. The VPN reroutes and encrypts your internet activity, preventing you from becoming the victim of a cyberattack.

If you want a full cloud product...

We recommend CosmoLex. All you need to use CosmoLex is a device and an internet connection. You can run your entire law practice on CosmoLex, legal time and billing, practice management, and fully compliant accounting. You don’t need to worry about data security, backups, or software updates, that’s all included with a subscription to CosmoLex.

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