In this free half-hour session, you will see how using CalendarRules with PracticeMaster can save you time and keep you organized.

Stay up to date in real time on the latest calendar rules!

This is one of the most powerful integrations we have developed to date, and we can't wait to show you how easy it is to manage court rules!

The integration with PracticeMaster allows you to easily manage a robust calendar with the addition of real-time court rules. CalendarRules features court rules for all 50 states, and over 250 court rules for the state of California alone!

Real-time updates for court rules
CalendarRules is the only rules provider that delivers updated rules to users in real time.
New rules added every month
If you need rules not currently offered, CalendarRules will add them for you! No matter the state, court, or regulation, CalendarRules will add any rules you need.
Double-checks for accuracy
CalendarRules automatically checks the number of days, type of days, holidays, and service type ramifications. CalendarRules also ensures all necessary events are considered.
A powerful calendar made even more robust

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