In this half-hour session, you will see how to use Tabs3 Billing software to process credit card payments, and how Tabs3 Trust Accounting Software may help you comply with bar association guidelines.

Accept credit cards through Tabs3 with ProPay!

This is one of the most powerful features we have built to date, and we can't wait to show you how easy it is to accept credit cards!

In addition to a fully integrated payment solution through Tabs3, ProPay offers beautiful reports that are intuitive and useful, like a calendar display of deposits and refunds.

Get paid faster
Clients are more likely to pay in-full and on-time when they can pay via a credit card than any other payment method. 
Reduce write offs
As a client is more likely to pay in-full when they can pay with a credit card, you  can reduce your write offs.
Shift the collections risk to credit card companies
When a client pays in full via a credit card, you get paid whether they pay their bill or not. Let the credit card company do the collecting!
Save time with Tabs3 Integration
The seamless integration between Tabs3 and ProPay ensures you save time and reduce human error as all payment information is integrated automatically.
No start-up or annual fees
ProPay has transparent rates and no start-up or annual fees to ensure it is easy to get you going and start accepting credit cards.
No minimum processing required
You only pay for the credit cards you process. There is no minimum processing or monthly fees.
See incredible results by making the switch to ProPay

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