PracticeMaster is designed to help you manage your law firm. It's the best way to manage documents, calendars, contacts, and legal matter.

Harness the power of practice management for your firm

Our sales demo will help you see PracticeMaster in action and our sales team will answer any questions you may have!

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Frequently Asked Questions
Integrate with applications you already use

In addition to a fully-functional and integrated document management and billing system, Tabs3 software features powerful integration partners that help you get the most out of your investment! 

Firm-wide calendaring
View appointments by day, week, or month for everyone in your office. 
Conflict of interest checking
Instantly see possible conflicts of interest between anyone in your firm and a potential client.
Track your time
Use timers to track the time you spend on phone calls, internet research, and more. 
Manage your email
Integrate with Outlook and easily add emails to your client's file in PracticeMaster as you read and send email.
Document assembly to save time
Use information you have already entered into PracticeMaster to fill in the blanks for common documents to quickly create a great first draft to review. 
Create useful reports
PracticeMaster comes with several reports that will give you insight into the details of your clients, appointments, to-do lists, and pending assignments.
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