Explore TWO ways to buy the most award-winning legal on-premises software!

We understand that every law firm has different software needs and payment preferences, and that's why we are the only on-premises software company to offer two ways to buy: an upfront license fee + annual maintenance plan or a monthly subscription plan.



Document management

Firm-wide calendaring

Conflict of Interest reporting

Area of Practice templates



Print checks and track invoices

Reconcile bank statements

Track up to 99 trust accounts

Print financial statements

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Traditional License  + Annual Maintenance Plan

Use our pricing estimator to view prices for the traditional license and annual maintenance buying option.

Tabs3 Billing


Mobile time and cost entry

Flat fee, contingency, and more billing types

Email statements

Advanced compensation rules

Customizable reports

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Platinum SQL Monthly Subscription Plan

-- Bonnie Humphrey, Humphrey Law Office, PC

There is nothing else out there as elegant to work with, reliable, compatible with other software, and user-friendly with the most friendly, helpful support team.

The use of Tabs3 has cut in half the time previously spent each month by the staff gathering and organizing the monthly billing data.

-- Loretta Smith, Scarth - Lyons & Associates