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with document management.

Find Documents Fast

Better Conflict of Interest Searches

Customize Client Entries

Integrate with Outlook and easily add emails to your client's file in PracticeMaster as you read and send email.
Let PracticeMaster file documents for you so that nothing gets lost. Easily send and save documents from Word, Excel, and Adobe. 
Collect client information from different areas of practice. Change the entry pages based on matter type to keep data fields relevant to a matter.
Search partial words or search phonetically to instantly see possibly conflicts of interest. Click on any conflict to view the details.

When you purchase Tabs3 Billing you get access to a free license of PracticeMaster Basic.

In this free thirty minute webinar you will learn about some of the great tools in PracticeMaster including:

Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster are built to work together. Bill and organize your practice with these tools created and supported by one company. Sign up and learn about this tool that organizes your documents and your practice.
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